Is one form of motivation better for learning than the other?

Every learning experience involves motivation, which the learner may be aware of prior to the learning experience or realizes only after reflection. Reviewing this weeks resources, compare the differences between extrinsic (incentive) and intrinsic motivation.

  • Is one form of motivation better for learning than the other? How so?
  • How does motivation play a role in the different theories of learning that you have read about up to this point?

Describe a learning experience of yours and determine if the motivation was intrinsic or extrinsic (or both).

Post should be at least 300 words.


Resources Readings Textbook:  Terry, W.S. (2018). Learning & memory: Basic principles, processes, and procedures. (5th ed.) United Kingdom: Routledge. Chapter 6: Verbal Learning  Chapter 11: Spatial, Motor-Skill, and Implicit Learning  Review Chapter 4: Instrumental Conditioning: Reward Article:  Dacey, M., Baltzell, A., & Zaichkowsky, L. (2008). Older adults’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation toward physical activity. American Journal of Health Behavior, 32, 570-582.

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