Eviction Epidemic Video Discussion

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What factors do you think cause certain groups to suffer disproportionately from the housing policies?

BSB60215 Crown Institute BizOps Enterprises Company Profile & Branding Paper

You received an email from Nancy Tooket, Managing Director: Retail Operations. Subject: Company profile and branding update Hello, As discussed at our recent management meeting, BizOps Enterprises has decided that it is time to refresh its brand and increase the company profile with a view to increasing market share, particularly in the retail arm of the organisation. Currently we (Retail Operators) have 33% of the market; Strategic Directions has 38%; Apollo has 15%; Fergusson’s has 9%; and smaller businesses make up the rest. Recently, there have been some issues with our current approach identified through anecdotal information. The problem appears to be a lack of innovative ideas to project our brand, resulting in loss of potential customers and declining market coverage. We know that there is room for improvement in how we are perceived in the market place. We already have the few ideas but it would be good to know what the current perception is – from our existing customers and also from potential customers. I would like to get ideas from our staff as well. As our marketing manager, could you please conduct some research and let us know a bit more about the following so we can think about how we should move forward: • Current perceptions of BizOps Enterprises • Best practice in the use of logos and branding activities • What other businesses are doing in this area Please prepare a presentation slide to present the management and staff regarding the BizOps brand and increase the company profile with a view to increasing market share, particularly in the retail arm of the organisation. Refer to the ‘instructions to the student section that follows for details of the tasks you are required to complete. Regards, Nancy Tooket Managing Director: Retail Operations

Instruction to the student Read the following BizOps Enterprises documents available on MOODLE such as policies and templates to familiarise yourself with the scope of the organisation’s operations: • Company profile • Company business plan • Organisation operational plan • Information management policy • Information action plan template • Communication plan template • Collected staff data • Collected customer data Read the information you have been given to help you respond to the project’s requirements or provide the evidence and/or documents requested. Complete the following questions: Question: 1 Please prepare a presentation slide to present the management and staff regarding the BizOpsbrand and increase the company profile with a view to increasing market share including • Current perceptions of BizOps Enterprises • Best practice in the use of logos and branding activities • What other businesses are doing in this area Question: 2 Use the information action plan template from Moodle to develop an action plan for collecting data from staff and customers for the rebranding exercise by: • Clarifying the objectives and steps to take • Determining the information you require • Identifying the sources of the information, including research conducted via the internet, journals, articles on branding and marketing • Clarifying the methods used to collect the data • Describing what steps to take to test the data collection methods and results for sufficiency, validity and reliability

Question: 3 Access the collected staff data and collected customer data. This data was collected by a series of surveys seeking opinions on branding and marketing issues. Analyse the data and prepare a report that outlines: • The original objective • How you reviewed and analysed the data to identify any trends or emerging patterns and the cause and effect of people’s perceptions of BizOps’s branding • The range of methods selected for presenting the findings in a report • The findings, using the selected methods • Emerging trends or patterns • Whether you have sufficient and reliable information • New and innovative ideas from the results. Question: 4 Use the communication plan template provided to complete a communication plan that determines how you will disseminate information internally to management and staff about BizOps’s rebranding. Make sure your plan adheres to any privacy and confidentiality policy requirements.

Cloud Delivery Model Paper

Write one paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences) for each Cloud Delivery Model on the list.

AaaS-Architecture as a Service; BaaS-Business as a Service; CaaS-Computing as a Service; DaaS-Data as a Service

DBaaS-Database as a Service; EaaS-Ethernet as a Service; FaaS-Frameworks as a Service; GaaS-Globalization / Governance as a Service ;HaaS-Hardware as a Service; IMaaS-Informaton as a Service; IaaS-Infrastructure as a Service; IDaaS-Identity as a Service; Laa-Lending as a Service; MaaS-Mashups as a Service; OaaS-Organization as a Service; PaaS-Platform as a Service; ; SaaS-Software as a Service; TaaS-Technology as a Service; VaaS-Voice as a Service.

Note: APA Format, must be in own words and unique.

Which of the fundamentals of planning did GE execute ineffectively?, Management help

1. Which of the fundamentals of planning did GE execute ineffectively? Explain your rationale.
2. Which of the three types of goals were ineffectively managed by GE? Explain.
3. State two SMART goals for GE based on the case. Given the political issues discussed in the case, how might GE enruse that these goals are attainable. Discuss.
4. Using Figure 5.5, describe what GE could have done to improve the process of transporting the evaporator. Provide specific recommendations.
5. What did you learn about planning based on this case? Explain.

1. Using no more than two sentences, describe AutoZone‘s strategy.
2. Based on Michael Porter’s discussion of the characteristics of an effective strategy, does AutoZone have a good strategy for growth? Explain.
3. To what extent is AutoZone following the five steps of the strategic management process?
4. Conduct and environmental scan or SWOT analysis of AutoZone‘s current reality and recommend whether the company’s current strategy is poised to succeed.
5. Which of Michael Porter’s four competitive strategies is AutoZone trying to follow. Discuss.
6. What is the greatest takeaway from this case in terms of strategic management?

New Product Ideas – Incorporating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignment


  • Discussion Question
  • As a partner in a small communications firm, you have noticed that your fellow partners and several employees have mentioned new product ideas they felt were worth pursuing, but that none of these ideas have been pursued. Propose a formal process to determine if ideas that are presented are worthy of market testing. Include the following in your proposal:
    • Likely sources of new product or business ideas
    • Data gathering and factual analysis
    • Ability to make creative leaps
    • Need for fit with organization strengths and goals
    • Confirmation of commercial viability

    The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.Your posting should be about 1 page (400 to 500 words) in length.


    Incorporating Innovation and Entrepreneurship into Corporate Strategy

  • The president of your company has recently announced the need for a greater effort to incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship into organizational strategy. The president has asked you to research the requirements necessary for this to happen. Your initial list identifies the following requirements:
    • Ongoing environmental monitoring
    • An entrepreneurial climate
    • Encouragement of entrepreneurial behavior
    • A strong customer/stakeholder focus

    Analyze why each of these is important along with your plan for achieving them.

    Submission Details:

    • Submit your answers in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.

HHS320 Ashford Political Social & Cultural Factors of Gender Inequality Paper

Focus of the Research Paper
For your Research Paper, select one aspect of cultural diversity from the following list that you would like to study:
* (For improved memory and increased awareness, remember the mnemonic, GARREACS.)

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Ability
  • Class
  • Sexual Orientation

Once you have chosen one aspect of cultural diversity to study in depth, prepare a Research Paper with the following components:

  • Summarize the pertinent historical, political, social, economic and cultural factors related to your chosen aspect of diversity.
  • Consider and summarize any relevant developmental theory models related to your chosen aspect of diversity.
  • In regard to your chosen aspect of diversity, identify and evaluate the relevant laws or programs that have either helped or restricted access to care and support.
  • Evaluate how your chosen aspect of diversity, in combination with two other aspects of diversity, can lead to increased needs or issues. For example, if someone is female, African American, and lesbian, will there be additional challenges? Select any combination of 3 aspects of diversity to discuss.
  • Describe at least two resources currently available in your area for someone needing special services related to your chosen aspect of diversity.
  • Explain how your personal characteristics will either complement or conflict with this diversity issue. Consider your own biases and prejudices or those of your family of origin.
  • Discuss relevant concerns, cautions or insights necessary for you to be a culturally competent human service professional.

Writing the Research Paper
The Research Paper:

  • Must be eight- to ten double-spaced pages in length, and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
  • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
  • Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
  • Must use at least seven scholarly sources.
  • Must document all sources in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

I would Like to discuss age, gender and sexual orientation. I have attached a paper that was done for me on sexual orientation so that portion is pretty much covered.

Advancement Corporation, assignment help

As the project manager for Advancement Corporation, you act as the CEO’s deputy. As such, you are granted the authority to develop and promote the vision or direction of the project: you must provide a solution to this personnel crisis. More specifically, this means that it is considered common knowledge throughout the organization that you, as the project manager, have the ability to identify, plan, be the catalyst to execute a plan, and provide closure for the plan to address the “raid” of your corporation’s key personnel by a predatory executive search firm.

To identify, plan, and execute this project, you must first develop a means for communicating with existing department heads in the research and development and sales departments. The goals of these two departments must not only be met, they must be reconciled. The director of research and development contends that developing the pharmaceuticals is the critical role of Advancement Corporation. As such, she believes the new recruiters should have expertise in recruiting and selecting scientists. In contrast, the executive director of the sales department believes that the actual selling of the prescription drugs in doctors’ offices and hospitals is the key to the company’s success.

As the project manager, you must do the following:

  • Develop a list of 10 questions that will be asked of the executive director of research and development and the executive director of sales in a joint interview.
  • Provide the CEO with your strategy for dealing with this conflict between the two executive directors. In doing so, you are to address the following:
    • Which communication techniques will you rely on to resolve potential disputes between these two directors?
    • How will you plan this critical meeting between yourself and the department heads? What will be the agenda for the meeting? Provide an outline.
    • In executing and providing closure for the joint, voluntary, and crucially important participation of these two executive directors, which specific goals will you attempt to gain joint agreement upon?
    • How will you measure whether and/or the degree to which these goals have been reached?

INTB280 DOM Artificial Intelligence In International Business

Everyone has an opportunity to earn 6 extra points on Exam 1 — no matter what your score. In order to earn those points, you need to do the following:

1. Review this composite A exam carefully. Read through the entire exam. For each exam question you will see mainly two answers from a different student in our class. Yes, these are your peers who answered the question.

2. Write me a thoughtful answer each of the following questions. international

A. Now that you have taken an “Al Exam,” what do you see about the kinds of questions I ask? Clearly, I am not looking for simplistic statements like, “they’re hard.”
B. After reading through the composite exam, what characteristics and qualities describe an A answer according to Al?
C. Comparing your answers to the composite A exam answers, what insights do you have about your answers?
D. In anticipation of Exam 2, what specific behaviors will you change to achieve a higher score? Please don’t repeat Q1 but use Q1.

Adventure of the Speckled Band – Conan Doyle

Create a visual Adaptation of any literary story or chapter we have read in this course.

The goal of this assignment is to capture the atmosphere of the original verbal text in your Adaptation that is primarily visual with some verbal text/dialogue.

  • Use at least 15 – 20 images for the PowerPoint (or other medium).
  • Write a 500 word Reflective Essay after your adaptation.
  • Select a chapter from any of the novels or an extended sequence from a short story we have read in this course.

Pretend you are a director who is adapting the literature into a film. Your first step is to find images that convey the portion of the plot, tone, atmosphere of your literary piece. Your task is to capture the meaning of the original passage—you can include or eliminate the words/dialogue from the text as well; you can change them or reduce their number. You may use images from the web or original photographs, images and words in sequence.

**An adaptation is always a director’s/screenwriter’s, and/or producer’s IDEA and INTERPRETATION of the original text…..No two adaptations are alike – they are as different as the individuals/groups who create them. Some adaptations are “faithful” (like the Lord of the Rings series) or “loose.” A loose adaptation can completely change the setting and situation, but maintain the themes. For example, the Joseph Conrad novel,Heart of Darkness, is about the European colonization of Africa. Its adaptation, Apocalypse Now, is about the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war. The film adaptation, Apocalypse Now, has radically different setting and context, but it has equivalent characters and themes critiquing imperialism.

For this assignment, you are the creative force, the director. You can create a “faithful” or a “loose” adaptation of your passage, but you must maintain the overall meaning, tone and spirit of the original passage while transforming it into visuals with your “ vision.”

  • Transform the story of your verbal passage into a series of images that represent that action of that story or chapter – minimum of 15-20 images with words. You can minimize the words or even eliminate them. It is possible to convey a lot of meaning and feeling with images alone.
    • Select images that correspond to certain words and ideas in your passage.
    • Select either contemporary or a previous era’s actors that you would cast in the part (you should be able to easily find images of them on the web) so your audience can imagine them in the part.

**If you are doing a Conan Doyle story, do not select Robert Downey Jr. or Jude Law, etc. or any of the previous actors who have portrayed Holmes. They were their director’s choices. You need to make your own choices. Images of the actors alone are not enough to tell the story; you need other kinds of images that capture the plot and atmosphere/tone

  • When you are finished with your Adaptation, Write a short reflective essay of about 500 words (two pages double spaced) to accompany your Adaptation, following the instructions below. Your reflective essay should explain what you did in your adaptation and how you think it came out. Discuss your thought process, your actual process, why you selected the each image that you did, why you selected the actors that you did, why you selected that particular passage. What does that passage mean to you? Does your adaptation change or shift the meaning in any way? If so, how? Which part of your adaptation do you think is the most successful and why?

Before your Reflective Essay, please tell me what chapter and page numbers your adaptation spans – what edition you have. Write out the first sentence of the first paragraph . . . (an ellipsis) and the last sentence of the passage.

Grading Criteria:

  • You will be graded on how well your adaptation transfers the ideas, meaning, tone, and feeling of the original text.
  • Your adaptation should be well developed– at least 20 images in length with match text if you believe it is necessary.
  • Your reflective paragraph should explain all the questions in detail.
  • Worth a total of 100 points.