Which of the fundamentals of planning did GE execute ineffectively?, Management help

1. Which of the fundamentals of planning did GE execute ineffectively? Explain your rationale.
2. Which of the three types of goals were ineffectively managed by GE? Explain.
3. State two SMART goals for GE based on the case. Given the political issues discussed in the case, how might GE enruse that these goals are attainable. Discuss.
4. Using Figure 5.5, describe what GE could have done to improve the process of transporting the evaporator. Provide specific recommendations.
5. What did you learn about planning based on this case? Explain.

1. Using no more than two sentences, describe AutoZone‘s strategy.
2. Based on Michael Porter’s discussion of the characteristics of an effective strategy, does AutoZone have a good strategy for growth? Explain.
3. To what extent is AutoZone following the five steps of the strategic management process?
4. Conduct and environmental scan or SWOT analysis of AutoZone‘s current reality and recommend whether the company’s current strategy is poised to succeed.
5. Which of Michael Porter’s four competitive strategies is AutoZone trying to follow. Discuss.
6. What is the greatest takeaway from this case in terms of strategic management?

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