Your community includes people from diverse backgrounds. Answer the following questions related to how culture affects nutrition.

1. How does your culture shape decisions that you make about nutrition? (Culture includes history, values, politics, economics, communication styles, beliefs, and practices.)

2. Describe at least 1 different cultures present at your community. How do these cultures impact food choices?

3. Describe how you interact with someone from another culture related to diet. Provide specific examples.

4. Assume that you are preparing a Thanks Giving dinner for a group of your classmates that represent a variety of cultures. Describe how you will prepare the menu and set the table. Include how you will address food safety at the picnic.

Explore ways to address the problem of food insecurity in your community.

1. What programs are available to meet the nutrition needs of individuals in the area?

2. What types of options exist in the area to purchase food?

3. What role do you believe society should take to ensure that individuals have access to adequate healthy food?

4. What do you see as your role in the community related to proper nutrition?