Hershey Company Case Project


You are a manager of the company upon which this Cohesion Case Study Project was based. You must present a brief summary of each part [1 thru 5] in the case project to senior level management.


Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the following:

A brief summary of each part [1 through 5] in the case project.

Summarize the main points in each part.

Include speaker notes for each slide.

Your presentation should be visual.

Your presentation should be professional.

Your presentation should consist of 10 slides.

Your presentation should also include a cover and conclusion slide.

You should also include a References slide that cites the resources used.

Your final file should contain at least eight references, including the Hershey website and support your research and all findings.

For the Conclusion slide use the Evaluation Strategy on the Hershey Company file to include it into the final Hershey Company Case Project PowerPoint.