WK1 The Importance of Bookkeeping Software

Sherry and Samuel are friends. They work in a small law firm together, which used to have a bookkeeper. The bookkeeper has now retired. Now, everyone is going to be asked to use new software. They are in an argument and they want your help to settle it. Sherry is arguing that bookkeeping, time and billing, and Excel are impossible to learn. Since it is impossible, there is no sense working on it. “Numbers in boxes and formulas just drives me crazy. I am in this field as an organizer, people person, and word processing expert. I refuse to learn this.” Samuel claims that his friend is going to be able to make it all work if she will do so step-by-step.

In your posts and replies, try to settle the argument. But, even more, share your own opinions on steps the co-workers can use to build their skills. Do they need to obtain knowledge beyond the technology itself, such as knowing more about the billing system and bookkeeping? Can someone who is not used to being a numbers person learn to do good data entry? Please exceed the syllabus minimum of one reply and do at least one starter post and at least two replies. Use the discussion forums as you would in a good work place where everyone wants everyone else to succeed.