what would be the financial implications for the healthcare organization?

In the final phase of this project, you will implement your performance improvement initiative. Additionally, you will discuss what success of the performance improvement plan will look like after implementation. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to utilize data from that healthcare organization; if you have created a hypothetical healthcare organization, you may use a public domain database with instructor permission. As this is a scholarly initiative, this assignment must adhere to all APA requirements and formatting, and include peer-reviewed and evidence-based sources to support any and all claims. As you develop this final part of the assignment, consider the following prompts to formulate your paper.

V. Success of the Performance Improvement Plan

A. If this initiative is successful, what would be the financial implications for the healthcare organization?

B. How would the existing information management systems contribute to the success of your proposal?

C. What organizational processes will permit continued viability of the performance improvement initiative, if it issuccessful?

D. Analyze interdepartmental communication that would be necessary for continued engagement in the proposed initiative.

Guidelines for Submission: This paper should be one to two pages in length, not including the cover page or reference page. Use APA format for the reference list and all internal citations.

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