What nursing interventions are appropriate for Mrs. J. at

Re:Topic 3 Mandatory Discussion Question


What nursing interventions are appropriate for Mrs. J. at
the time of her admission? Drug therapy is started for Mrs. J. to control her
symptoms. What is the rationale for the administration of each of the following


Upon admission Mrs. J. needs supplemental O2, preferably via
Bipap, before anything else.  However,
Mrs. J. is also anxious due to her respiratory distress and Afib with RVR so
she might not be able to handle wearing Bipap until her other symptoms are more
controlled.  Mrs. J. needs PIV x2
inserted. She will need further testing done, such as a CXR and labs. A CMP,
Mag, Phos, and BNP would be beneficial to see if she has any renal damage, her
electrolyte status, and also to see the extent of her fluid overload. Insertion
of a foley catheter is necessary also. Mrs. J. is unable to ambulate  since any form of exertion should be avoided
at this time. Once Lasix IV is given she will need to urinate frequently and
will benefit from the use of a foley. Also, this will help keep a strict accounting
of her I&O’s so that the nurses and doctors are able to track her I&O
status. Mrs. J. will need to have her electrolytes closely monitored while receiving
IV Lasix. Mrs. J. also needs Metoprolol and Morphine, and possibly vasotec.

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