The Hardest and Easiest Technologies to Master Assignment.

List at least eight types of technology from your readings. Pick the one that is likely to be the hardest for you to master and also pick the one that is likely to be the easiest and write about those two. Personalize this essay. Make it very clear which pages of the assigned text readings you reference. Show clearly what parts of the essay are your own personal ideas and goals.

What abilities might you need to develop to make these types of technology work best? Explain. Here are examples:

  1. Accuracy in entering data.
  2. Memory. Being able to duplicate correct methods learned by trial and error.
  3. Ability to follow difficult directions.
  4. Speed.
  5. Analysis of information.
  6. Flexibility. Willingness to try new methods.
  7. People skills. Obtaining the data from clients and co-workers.
  8. Bookkeeping.
  9. Comprehension of deadline and other procedural rules of court.