Summary and Analysis of Four Business Articles

Specific requirements:

Current events play an important role in this course. Therefore, you are encouraged to regularly read articles related to international marketing in newspapers and (business) magazines, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, The Economist, Business Week, Canadian Business, Fortune, Forbes, and even in publications like Time and Maclean’s.

To structure this effort during the semester, you are required to complete a portfolio of executive summary briefs of newspaper/magazine articles. This activity involves reading one article per week (from Jan 22nd to Feb 14th – 4 weeks) that is relevant to one of the topics in the course and completing a short write-up (typed, maximum 1 page, single-spaced) of that article. A summary brief report template will be handed out in class. A copy of the newspaper/magazine article should be stapled to each brief. A complete citation and the source and date of the article should appear at the top of the summary. For each weekly summary brief, the article summarized must have been published within 2 weeks of the summary date

In your brief, you should summarize the article and identify the marketing outcome (such as the success or failure of the new product or venture). You should also discuss how the underlying issue relates to one of the marketing topics discussed in class or in the textbook (i.e., what marketing concepts or text materials explain the outcome) and include your own opinion on the issue.

Keep in mind that the summarized articles must have been published within two weeks of the summary date.

And this is my schedule:

Jan 22 Economic Environment

Jan 24 Economic Environment (continued)

Jan 29 Political & Legal Environment -Chapter 5

Jan 31 International Marketing Research- Chapter 6

Feb 5 Global Segmentation -Chapter 7

Feb 7 Market Entry Strategies -Chapters 8 & 9

Feb 12

Feb 14 Market Entry Strategies (continued)