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My favorite plant that is native to our state of Florida is the Saw Palmetto. This sharp radiant green plant from the palm family can be found all over the state of Florida in both inland and coastal regions alike. I like this particular palm because i can imagine the vast wetlands, woodlands, and coastlines of “Old Florida” covered in them when the Calusa indians, Spaniards, and Seminoles roamed the land.

The Majority of plants in the world are C3 photosynthesis plants. These plants include most trees, grasses, ground plants such as beans and cotton and grains. The C3 photosynthesis process is consistent with the Calvin Cycle. The entire process occurs within the chloroplast.  suffers inefficenciency from photorespiration.

AN example of a high temperature dry enduring and sun sturdy plant that uses C4 photosynthesis is sugarcane. We are very familiar with the sugarcane plant here in the state of Florida where it is grown in large amounts commercially. C4 plants under go a two stage photosynthesis  process, with the first step occurring prior to the Co2 entering the Calvin Cycle like other plants in the second stage. the two stage process relieves C4 plants from photo respiration.

CAM stands for Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. These plants are suited for hot dry environments in most cases and include plants such as cacti and pineapples.  these plants require and use less water than any other plants in the world. Undergoes co2 fixation at night and calvin cycle at night in order to comabt the temperatures and heat efficiently.

The sable palm tree is native to florida and undergoes c3 photosynthesis as most other trees do.