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Gregor Mendel was the first person to describe the manner in which traits are passed on from one generation to the next (and sometimes skip generations). “ (Nature Education,2014) As Gregor Mendel has found to be true some traits skip a generation, from the shape of the person’s ears, to the way their hair parts.  In my genetic problem, using my families genes to create me as I am today, I will be writing a word problem and including what letters to use for what gene.

Starting off with my mother’s traits, because like they always say “ladies first,” physically my mother has hazel colored eyes, with a dirty blonde hair color.  She has a middle hair part, also has very thin hair.

Following, my mother would of course be my father, he had very light blonde hair growing up but as he aged he had a dirty blonde look to it. My father also has blue eyes, middle hair part, however he has very rough, and thick hair.

Here is my question, when my mother and father’s genes mixed it created my genes those of which create who I am today. What is the percentage I would have blue eyes?

With “B” standing in for the gene Brown eyes as they are most dominant and “b” standing for blue as a recessive gene.