Questionnaires and Interviews in Nursing

Read the Questionnaires Versus Interviews section in the textbook. How are these guidelines similar and different from data collected by nurses when giving care? What principles did you identify that are new to you but could be important in improving your collection of clinical data?


  1. Discuss sampling approaches and relationship to external validity/transfer ability.
  2. Critique sampling plans for quantitative and qualitative studies.
  3. Evaluate data collection plans for quantitative and qualitative studies.
  4. Critique data quality for quantitative and qualitative studies.

APA format with resources cited from using page numbers 2 sources must be used and one must be the book

Book: Take information from Chapters 12, 13, 21, and 22 in Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice.

Article provided: Self-administered questionnaire versus interview as a screening method for intimate partner

violence in the prenatal setting in Japan: A randomized controlled trial

500 words paper with at least 2 references cited – one must be from the book