PSY 400 Psychobiography Research Paper

General Instructions:

For this project you will write a psychobiography of your own life.Based on the theories covered in the course and from additional reading material, you will focus on the influences that have shaped your personality.For example, you can use any combination of the following perspectives: trait, psychodynamic, psychosocial, biological, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral and social/cultural.This is NOT an autobiography (life story of events), but a psychobiography (analysis of your unique personality through the use of psychological theories and research).Having said that, you will be using autobiographical information, but your goal is to explain your personality by analyzing key events in your life based on personality perspectives.As an alternative to focusing on different perspectives, you may choose to write your psychobiography from one perspective (e.g. Psychoanalytic), chronologically (e.g. Erikson’s developmental stages) or thematically (e.g. focus on one facet of your life, a mysterious question is analyzed).