Presented Below Is A List Of Costs And Expenses Incurred In The Factory By Nu-Way Corporation, A Manufacturer Of Recreational Vehicles.

Presented below is a list of costs and expenses incurred in the factory by Nu-Way Corporation, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

____ 1. Property taxes on the factory land

____ 2. Nails and glue used in production

____ 3. Cabinet maker’s wages

____ 4. Factory supervisors’ salaries

____ 5. Metal used in manufacturing

____ 6. Depreciation on factory machines

____ 7. Factory utilities

____ 8. Carpeting for the recreational vehicles

____ 9. Property taxes on the factory building

____ 10. Insurance on factory equipment

Classify the above items into the following categories:
DM — Direct Materials
DL — Direct Labor
MO — Manufacturing Overhead