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Respond  by providing feedback on each  colleague’s therapeutic approach based on a narrative family  therapeutic perspective. Support your feedback with evidence-based  literature and/or your own experiences with clients.

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I am addressing the case of a family called X. The family has five members and the man recently lost his job after the organization he worked for closed in Atlanta. The man is also become alcoholic and violent due to the wrangles. The wife also reported episodes of domestic abuse in the local police department severally. On the other hand, the wife works in a store and her wages are hardly enough to pay the family bills. Due to their condition, the family moved to a cheaper house studio since they can no longer afford the rent.

In will uses a systematic therapeutic approach on the family. Systematic approach is ideal since it is a derivative of other models. The model has phase like social step, problem phase, Interaction, goal and task setting (Taylor, 2017). In the social stage, I will interact with each of the family members in regular activities. During the phase, I will inform the family members about the purpose of the therapy and the contributions in the exercise. The stage will also enable me to make observations about the interactions about the phase (Taylor, 2017). The problem stage I will pose a question to each of the members of the family to understand if the problems exist. In the next phase, the interactional stage allows the members to discuss problems like alcoholism and how to pay the bills (Shapiro, 2018).  I will use the interaction phase to understand some of the dynamics like the hierarchies, collaboration and the communication sequence. The goal-setting phase will involve highlighting the problems and what could be done. I will work with the family members to bring forward solutions to the problems. When the family is involved in decision making compliance is high (Shapiro, 2018).  I will also use the phrase to define the parameters of the study. Lastly, is the task setting stage- that will involve wrapping the session by making a decision (Shapiro, 2018). I will offer the solutions and homework to the family. The solutions will involve increasing communications in the family. Another solution is the man looking for a means of living that could sustain the family.

The systematic therapeutic Approach is efficient since it will replace gendered and stereotyped roles and behaviors that are flexible and offer deep breadth. The therapy will also involve a redistribution of power and providing an equitable balance while at the same time enhances communication between the family members.

However, the woman often exhibits social behavior. Antisocial behavior could alter a systematic therapeutic approach. The behavior typically limits their conversations.



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