Please write 1500 words research followed by the instructions

If you do not know how to use illustrator and after effect, please do not take this.

the instruction with detail is attached below

I recreated three of Picasso’s paintings: 《Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon》,《Picasso Cow》 and 《Three Musicians》.

Please write 1500 words research followed by the instructions:

1. The process of designing the video

Why I chose animation? Why animation is better?

Different tools I used in my work: Adobe illustrator; After effect; Photoshop

2 How Picasso’s art influence my work

What did I learnt from Picasso’s paintings.(read the file “Picasso” part 1

Picasso was influenced by Chinese Landscape paintings’ Cavalier Perspective, now he influenced my art work(I am Chinese), it was like a circle. We had Different culture background, but we influenced by other sides’ culture.