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Peer 1

The personality traits that I have that aid  in my leadership abilities is first Dependable, I feel that I am a very dependable person and leader. My staff can rely on me for pretty much anything. I try to work with my staff when ever they may need something or a day off. Another trait would be supportive I am a very supportive person. I believe in everyone being a team player so I show that to my staff. I jump in and help whenever and where ever I can. Another trait would be Accountability I am not afraid to accept responsibility for my actions whether it be good or bad.

Traits that hinder my leadership abilities would first be Self Confidence, confidence, the sense of self-assurance without arrogance, provides nurse leaders and managers with an ability to lead through difficult times(Murray 2017).I have always had issues with this throughout my whole nursing career. I am always second guessing myself and questioning. I find that I do not want to mess up at anything or make a mistake, but then that is also how we learn best is from our mistakes. Another would be Time Management this is something that I am learning to work on currently. Another one would be delegating I find it hard to delegate tasks to my team members I usually just end up doing things myself, I do not like to micromanage. I really need to work on this especially since this trait is now in my job description.

I am currently working on all the traits that hinder my leadership abilities. I am learning new things about leadership in the position I am currently in. I am always open to learning new things. I am excited to continue to learn and grow as a leader.

References: Murray, E. J. (2017). Nursing leadership and management for patient safety and quality care. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company.

Peer 2

It’s extraordinary to think that it took a devastating pandemic in order for the general public to direct their attention towards the hardships of nursing. We finally have the chance to show the world our challenges we face every day in order to save lives and although I’m grateful for recognition, I wish it did not come at such a cost. The ability to bring awareness pertaining to the burdens of medical staff and generate conversation regarding ways to improve our healthcare system are some very important sources of power that have recently emerged due to Covid19. Despite this acknowledgement from the public, many nurses have been cornered into the position of a reluctant martyr. This pandemic has taken it’s toll not only on the countless patients who have been infected but also on the medical staff who work nonstop to care for them while constantly facing exposure themselves. A leader who can rise to meet the unexpected demands of this illness is critical at this time. Two nurses who bore witness to the tragedies that unfolded in New York poignantly remark that “…transformative leader-mentors who are wise and compassionate can be an essential resource for nurses and the public as we navigate the global future of the ‘new normal’ of the pandemic crisis” (Luis & Vance, 2020, p.163). When it comes to transformative leaders, our readings explain that this “…leadership is viewed as an effective type of leadership for nurses to lead the change necessary to meet the demands of the current health-care system” (Murray, 2017, p.49). The ability to evolve may be one of the most crucial assets for a nurse in a leadership position at this time. Given the constantly changing nature of our situation, having leaders who can modify and transform the course of action for each team or unit as it changes on daily basis can make all the difference in the world.

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