Nutrition Essay

Please read and follow the instructions for this research project.

paper.Write an essay that will increase your knowledge of a nutrition or health related problem among different cultures, communities or populations, and how you could as an individual, be able to engage in community activities to implement possible solutions to the problem. You may use research from local, national or international sources. About 500 words, enough to discussed what the problem is and how could you get involved.

For example, something that came out during the last winter Olympics was that in the figure skating’s culture, it is a priority to maintain certain body weight, that sometimes will lead into poor eating habits and eating disorders, reason by which some athletes have been up front trying to promote healthy eating habits and still get the results they want. So, they are showing how they can engage into the problem and try to have a solution or improve the outcome.

Recently, many 4-year universities and community colleges have implemented Food Pantries to help the students that suffer of food insecurity. This could be a good topic to research the impact of the food pantries and how the students could use them and also participate and get involve.

You may already be a participant of a group or organization in your community where you volunteer your time trying to improve some specific problem, so you may use that as your topic.

Attached is the Social Responsibility Rubric, to give you an idea of what information you should include in your

General Rules: Review your grammar before submitting, font 12- Times New Roman or 10-Arial, double space, no more than 3 pages. At least 3 citations that could be an additional page. Use APA format for text or articles citations, you may use the following website as a Reference: