Non-Electric Powered Dryer Theory Search Paper

Theory search is more difficult when there are no data to go on at all. In those situations, you cannot apply a theory to data directly related to the case, but you can look at similar cases and find analogous data. If the analogous data were explained by a good theory, there are chances that theory could apply to your situation.

To prepare:

  • Think about a situation or issue where data would not already exist.
  • Review the case in Chapter 6 “An Expanded Learning Case: The New Minivan” to start your thinking. Focus on the expanded learning case.
  • Your example could be a fairly new innovation or something hypothetical (e.g., cars that fly).
  • Look for data that might compensate for data that do not already exist.

In 2 pages:

  • Explain how you would approach this issue.
  • Include a description of what data you might gather to compensate for the data that do not already exist.
  • Review the data you gathered, and provide a short analysis of what you found.
  • Include the link or references for the data you collected.