MUSIC1407 TEMPLE Master’s Recital: Hongdou Ge, Piano Concert Report

Your Concert Report should consist of at least 4 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1:THE CONCERT:What concert did you attend?Where and when was it given?How did you arrive at choosing this particular


Paragraph 2: THE PERFORMERS:Who was performing?Did the concert

feature a performer on a single instrument?Were there several performers?Did the performer(s) seem nervous?Did they perform the music from memory or were they reading the music from a score?Etc.

Paragraph 3: THE MUSIC:What music was being performed?What did the

music sound like?Did the music remind you of anything?Etc.

Paragraph 4:YOUR REVIEW:What was your opinion of the concert?What

did you like or not like?Why?Was there anything about the concert that was new or unexpected?What did you learn?Would

you like to hear this type of a concert again?Etc.

The questions listed above are general guidelines to help you write your report.Please feel free to add any information or thoughts that help explain what you heard and your opinion of the concert.

You should write a clear, well-constructed paper based on questions like these.Write your Concert Report using correct spelling, good grammar, complete sentences and in paragraph format.