MKTG 603 Individual Article Reaction Papers

Article to be used are two pages each the total 4 but it is separate

1st article

“Pfeffer et al. (2006)To make the best decisions, demand the best data “

2nd article

“Morey et al. (2015) Customer Data: Designing for Transparency and Trust”

Paper details Marketing 603

Individual Article Reaction Papers Provide a synopsis of the material including key take aways that you interpreted from the reading. In addition, you should provide critical analyses of this material (i.e. you should interject your thoughts about what the material is telling you). This could be applying the material to your daily career or other critical insights you have from this material. At the conclusion of the write-up, you should take material from all readings and analyze. Thus are there commonalities, counter arguments, etc across readings. Again, the point here is for me to see your reading and comprehending the material.

Topic about Promotion

Paper format and sources APA

2 pages