Mitigating Cybercrimes What Are The Criminal Penalties For Hacking?

What I am mainly interested in is whether you believe that malicious behaviors (e.g., hacking, cyber bullying, leaking data, etc.) could be best mitigated with either civil penalties, meaning monetary fines, or criminal penalties, meaning loss of freedom. We may all agree that it would be less desirable to go to prison for malicious acts online that it would be to pay a fine. Yet, what about the effectiveness of one approach over the other.

To earn full credit for this Discussion there are a few requirements:

  1. You must post one Initial Post with your response to the question of whether torts/civil remedies or criminal punishment would be the better deterrent.
  2. You must refer to some part of the chapter to support or explain your Initial Post, including the page number that the support or explanation comes from.
  3. You must post at least one Responsive Post to another student’s Initial Post.

It need to cover all the requirements mentioned above.

It should have APA Format and Minimum of 5 pages and Need to have no Plagiarism.