m6d2 discussion

respond to following 70 words each

1 Stone, A. (2018, February 23). For the Army, a 3-D printed drone is nice. A customized, 3-D printed drone is better. Retrieved from C4ISRNET.com: https://www.c4isrnet.com/smr/unmanned-unleashed/20…

Additive manufacturing of drones will utilize a deployable 3D printing facility or R-FAB (Rapid Fabrication Site) when an immediate, unforeseen need arises for additional information collection assets. The process uses a small tablet with an APP or catalog of pre-existing parts to select; you can also input your individual specifications that are then sent to an R-FAB. Once the R-FAB receives design specification requirements for the drones, a software suite configures the 3D printer for the fabrication of parts. A drone technician gathers any additional off the shelf items on inventory and assembles the drone. The drone is then delivered and deployed within 24 hours of the request and can execute the mission. These drones are modular by design and can be assembled, upgraded, and repaired quickly without significant cost since you request necessary components directly from an R-FAB. Almost all drone components, not including electronic and sensors capabilities, can be manufactured. Common components include the frame, landing gear, propellers, camera mount, antenna holder, and protective equipment like prop guards.


According to the study conducted by Busch, Rudden, American psychiatric association and Shaprio (2016), “Treatment of Depression addresses the use of psychodynamic psychotherapy, both alone and in combination with cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and medication treatments, as a method for reducing the psychological vulnerabilities that may predispose patients to persistent symptoms or recurrence of depression”. These types of treatment are known to be a global therapy which focus on holistic approach of a person. The main goal of this therapy is to enhance client self-awareness and understanding. The psychodynamic therapists attempt to focus on finding emotional patterns of the client and it also focus on the important of family support and its environment