m3d1 discussion

To begin, watch the first 5 minutes only of this videoPBS Frontline: The Vaccine War (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. – that examines the debate over childhood vaccinations

After watching the 5 minute beginning of the video, share your ideas about the following brainstorm question based on your opinion or your own experiences. Begin immediately without completing your reading, no later than Monday or Tuesday.

  1. Do you think the government should mandate childhood vaccinations? Do you think parents have the right to refuse it? Why?

Finish watching the PBS special. For the second part of this discussion, apply what you have learned from the course materials for this module and your own research. We’ll complete this discussion together, as each of us weighs in on the following topics. (Begin contributing on Wednesday):

  1. How do vaccinations work? What type of immunity does a vaccine provide? What types of immune cells are stimulated when vaccinations are given?

Read the supplemental resource: Dr. Robert W. Sears: Why Partial Vaccinations May Be an Answer (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

  1. Why are some parents concerned over childhood vaccinations? Instead of refusing vaccinations altogether, some parents may elect to vaccinate their children according to an alternative schedule. What are some pros and cons to this alternative schedule?
  2. Why could an increasing number of unvaccinated children have the potential to become a serious public health issue?

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