Interesting Hoax/Lies Discussion Post

Prepare: Watch the video below about a man who devoted his life to exposing hoaxes and fakers For more information (and entertainment), you are welcome to watch clips from the film about how he did it.

Reflect: Think about how many hoaxes and fakes are available to us today, including on the internet, and choose a specific example of interest to you. If you are having a tough time thinking of one, you can check out many examples on websites such as (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Write: Within your post:

  • share an example of an interesting hoax of faker. Include a link or bibliographical information for the source.).
  • Discuss some or all of the following:
  • What was the nature of the trick?
  • How many people seemed to ‘fall for it’?
  • What mistakes in reasoning did they commit (if any)?
  • Was the hoax or fake ever debunked (and how)?
  • Do you think that you would have fallen for it if you had been there (why or why not)?
  • What kinds of tricks are we exposed to in our everyday lives and how can we learn not to fall for them?