How would you determine what community initiatives are already underway upon which you can build? 

part 1

Nursing Change Agents

The involvement of the community in determining the nursing and health requirements of the residents is critical. This is because the people help provide solutions to problems that directly affect them like the case of health problems due to less or lack of exercise infrastructure within a community (Kelly & Symonds, 2017). If the community team identified that the construction of pedestrian walkways would help bring the community to a higher level of health consciousness and healthy lifestyles, the team must be prepared for the barriers. This paper addresses factors that would promote the construction and those that would hinder as well as recommendations for the barriers.

The community would save as the primary promoters for the construction of the walkways. This means that there would be a lot of resources directed at the project. This is because the initiative is from the direct recipients of the health issue and concern. Residents and members of the community would want to participate or encourage the completion of the project considering that it would benefit them all. Another factor that would promote the construction of the walkways is accountability and integrity. The release of funds or the construction period has several checks and balances from the entire community (Kelly & Symonds, 2017).

The lack of funds can be a problem for the construction of the walkways. It is important to note that construction of such walkways is expensive in several ways; firstly some public land and private land might be used. Secondly, the funds to put up the structure might not be readily available (Clark, 2015). However, the team can invite investors, seek donations from charity organizations or urge the members to contribute reasonably .this would raise the required funds. The second factor that would hinder the construction is inadequate to support from the community. Considering that it is a community initiative, unity is critical to ensure that the project achieves the desired objective. Issues such as demonstrations from unsatisfied residents can be common. To curb such issues a sensitization forum can be help or advocacy groups from the team to inform the entire community (Clark, 2015).

part 2

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the community project.  How would you determine what community initiatives are already underway upon which you can build?

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