.How much money did Albert want to pay for 2 coffees ?

1. What leads Diane to believe her mother had Alzheimer’s disease?

2.How much money did Albert want to pay for 2 coffees ?

3.Dianne asked her husband who would do which of the following when she forgets how to do it herself ?

A.Gert her dressed

B.Wipe drool off her chin

C.Brush her hair

D.Brush her teeth

E.Feed her

4.Dianne demonstrated language dysfunction when she told her daughter ——-.

A.To go to “the place where I store my clothes”

B. To go to “the place where I store my shoes”

C.” I do not know who you are”

D.” Who is that man?”

5.Dementia is a form of Alzheimer’s Disease.


6.High doses of estrogen, and Ginkgo biloba extracts are very effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

7.How does Familial Alzheimer’s disease differ from late onset Alzheimer’s disease?
For full credit please do the following –
Use at least 50 words
Write complete grammatically correct sentences
List at least 2 differences between familial Alzheimer’s disease and late onset of Alzheimer’s disease

8. 3 age related changes that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease are , ……. and ………..

9. What were the 5 tasks the reported and Blain had to complete during the experiment?

10. The 3 conditions the glasses/goggles simulate in the experiment were …… and ……..

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