How can nurses understand the impact of generational diversity?

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Nurses are to be constantly updated with scientific and technological changes through several avenues: formal academic education; institution-based human resource development programs; and voluntary or legislatively mandated continuing education (Blais 141).  As educators, they can hold individual or group sessions and may teach various populations, whether it be clients and their family members or other health professionals (153).  It is important for nurses to understand the impact of generational diversity.  The nursing community consists of five generations: Silent (1937-1945); Boomers (1946-1964); Generation X (1965-1976); Generation Y (1977-1991); and Generation Z (1992-present) (Bell 206).  The Silent and Boomer Generation prefer a structured environment; they value order and authority.  Generation X prefers learning on their own, role play, visual stimulation, and immediate feedback and Millennials prefer to learn through experimentation rather than through theoretical concepts (208-209).  Each generation has a different set of values and priorities.  Nurses are to acknowledge the differences amongst one another to have effective patient care.

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