Groupon Strategic Management And Theory Business Case Study

Topic: Groupon

APA format, double spaces, total 10 pages

Section I: Introduction, leadership, & Mission Statement 4pages

1. A brief introduction to the business

name, location, nature of the business, founding date, the number of employees, the brief biographies of founders and current leaders, major shareholders, the composition of clientele, annual revenue, the growth history of the business

2. The firm’s mission Statement

The mission, The vision, Values (corporate culture), Major goals

Section II: External Analyses 6pages/ refer to the textbook.

Conduct an external analyses

1. Identify the industry. ( Its products or services, Key players)

2. Environmental analyses of the industry

Discuss at least two factors (Political factors, Economic factors, Social factors, Technological factors)

3. Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces’ Model

· Risk of entry by potential competitors (Entry barriers)

· Intensity of rivalry among established firms (Who and why)

· Bargaining power of suppliers (Who and why)

· Bargaining power of buyers (Who and why)

· Threat of substitutes (Who and why)

4. Andrew Grove’s sixth force (Who and why)

5. Use the Industry Life Cycle Analysis model to identify the stage in which the firm’s industry finds itself