Golgi 1 Page Literature Review

 Write a one page  literature review of your figure ( FIGURE ASSIGNED 6 d-g)

Abstract:  What is the question they were trying to answer, and what were their overall conclusions

Introduction: Introduce, briefly, the endomembrane system and how proteins move back and forth. Describe the importance of the KDEL sequence. What is the question they are trying to answer in your figure? How does this question relate to the larger context of the whole paper?

Body: What technique are they using? Briefly describe the technique. For each experiment tell me specifically what the variables are from that technique for that experiment (so which antibody are they using, and how did they prepare the samples) . How can that particular antibody or preparation help them to answer their question. What were their observations? What do they see?

Conclusions: What do they conclude from this figure or part of a figure?

This description, must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Focus, on the parts of the signaling cascade that they are trying to understand.

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