Following is a listing of many of the foods containing fiber. This list shows the amount of fiber for the designated serving size.



Oatmeal – regular, quick, or instant

1 oz


Record your total fiber intake for the day, in the space provided below:

Name: ____________________________________________

Date: ____________________

Total fiber intake: _________g

If your total fiber intake is less than 25g, look carefully at the foods containing fiber and select some additional foods you can eat to increase your intake to at least 25 g each day.

1. What is the advantage of increasing your total intake of fiber each day?

2. What types of diseases may you incur if you do not have enough fiber in your diet?

3. How does fiber actually reduce the risk of these diseases? Be specific!

4. Does drinking a glass of orange juice provide the same amount of fiber as eating an orange? Which is a better for you? Which could actually encourage diabetes if consumed regularly and in excess?