Explain why a skin graft was necessary.        4.   Explain why it was necessary to remove so much additional skin tissue along with the tumor.        

Directions: First, define each of the following directional terms. Then give its opposite direction.

1.   anterior definition:    opposite is:

2.   caudal definition:    opposite is:

3.   cephalic definition:    opposite is:

4.   deep definition:    opposite is:

5.   distal definition:    opposite is:

6.   dorsal definition:    opposite is:

7.   inferior definition:    opposite is:

8.   lateral definition:    opposite is:

9. Medial definition:    opposite is:

10. posterior definition:    opposite is:

Abbreviations (Part 2):  Directions: Write the full term that each abbreviation stands for. 1.BCC

2. BX, bx

3. C&S



6. HSV

7. I&D


9. MM

10. SG

11. SCC

12. STSG

13. Subc, Subq

14. ung


Read the case study and provide complete and detailed responses for the questions below. Some questions will ask for information not included within this chapter. Use your textbook, a medical dictionary, or any other reference material you choose to answer these questions.  A 40-year-old female is seen in the dermatologist’s office, on the recommendation of her internist, for a workup for suspected MM on her left forearm. The suspicious lesion was a blackish skin growth approximately 1 cm in diameter. The dermatologist examined the patient and a tissue biopsy was performed. The biopsy confirmed that the growth was MM. Surgery was performed to remove the tumor. In addition, a 5 cm by 5 cm square of skin immediately surrounding the tumor was also moved. Because the removed skin included all three layers of skin, a skin graft was necessary to cover the open area. The donor site was the patient’s thigh. Following recovery from surgery, the patient was referred to an oncologist for follow-up care.  Critical Thinking Questions  Answer the questions below regarding this case study. Do not just copy words out of the case study; translate all medical terms. To answer some of these questions, you may need to look up information from another chapter of this textbook.

1.   What pathological condition does the internist think this patient may have? Look this condition up in a reference source, and include a short description of it in your answer.

2.   What diagnostic test did the dermatologist perform? Describe it in your own words.

3.   Explain why a skin graft was necessary.        4.   Explain why it was necessary to remove so much additional skin tissue along with the tumor.

5.   What is the specialty of an oncologist?        6.   What do you think the possible follow-up care might include?



Directions: Write the meaning of each combining form word part in the first column. Then locate a new term from the chapter that uses the word part, and list it in the second column. In the third column, write the meaning of the chapter terms.  Combining Forms Meaning Chapter Term Meaning

1. abdomin/o

2. anter/o

3. brachi/o

4. caud/o

5. cephal/o

6. cervic/o

7. chondr/o

8. crani/o

9. cubit/o

10. dist/o

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