Examining Competency to Stand Trial Research Paper

The media seems to frequently portray cases of NGRI. However, while 30% of felony cases may raise insanity as a possible defense; this approach most often does not even make it to trial. Moreover, defendants who attempt insanity pleas will serve longer sentences than those convicted criminally, and they will serve these sentences in hospitals that closely resemble prisons.

In this week’s Assignment, you will explore forensic risk assessments that will first address whether the suspect in the School Shooter case has the mental capacity to stand trial. You will then use the Learning Resources to support your position as to whether the suspect could be legally determined to be insane.

To prepare

  • Review the “School Shooter” podcast.
  • Review the Learning Resources, paying particular attention to the Competence Assessment for standing trial for defendants with mental retardation (CAST-MR) by Simpson.

In a 2- to 3-page paper:

  • Describe two forensic risk assessment instruments that may be used by the forensic professional when assessing the school shooter for competency to stand trial. Justify your selection of these instruments utilizing the CAST-MR and other resources.
  • Explain your position on whether you believe the defendant in the case study was legally insane at the time of the offense. Justify your position using the CAST- MR as well as any other resources.