Diversity In The Workplace Management Opportunities And Challenges

At least 8 double spaced pages of text of font size that is not larger than 12

Title page (does not count as part of the 8 pages) – provides the title of the paper, the course information as well as your identification

Cover Page must be included (does not count as a part of the 8 pages)

Abstract (does not count as part of the 8 pages) – briefly summarizes what the paper is about

Table of Contents (TOC) (does not count as part of the 8 pages) – paper must include a TOC showing topics/subtopics & corresponding pages

Body of paper should include:

1. Introduction

2. The management problem that you decided to tackle

3. The aim of the research

4. The key literature used to back up the article’s main arguments

5. Research questions

6. Limitations of the study and future study

7. Your conclusions and managerial implications and limitations

Topics, subtopics and page numbers in the text should match those listed in the Table of Contents Margins-top, bottom. Left, & right should be one inch and left-justified (i.e. right margin should be uneven)

Portions of the paper that are quoted or paraphrased from primary or secondary sources must be given appropriate credit.

References (do not count as part of the 8 pages) should appear in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Only sources cited in the paper should be included in the references.

The References and in-text citations of references should follow the APA style

At least 6 references ALL references MUST be peer reviewed articles / scholarly journals

8 WRITTEN PAGES BUT THERE MUST BE A TOTAL OF 12 (what is included and isn’t included has been stated above)