Discussion Board Post

Superfood” is a popular buzzword you’ve probably seen on health blogs, in grocery stores, and from well-meaning friends. And every year, there’s a new trending “superfood”. Whether the latest fad is a rare fruit from the Amazon or a seed that cures every disease known to man, most superfoods build on hype, not evidence of real health benefits. So although there’s really no such thing as one “superfood”, there are foods that have positive effects on our bodies.

Answer these 3 questions in your post. Find 2 references to support your answers.

1.  Should the term “superfoods” be regulated?  If Yes explain why,  if No then explain why.

2.  If yes, who should do it?  If no, explain how the public should understand and define the term.

3.  If yes, how should it be regulated?  If no, how should the industry use the term, what standards in your opinion?

Cite a minimum of two sources for your responses in APA format.  Answer the who, what and why points about superfoods