Did they propose strategies that address the micro, meso, and macro levels?

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. Did they propose strategies that address the micro, meso, and macro levels? How were the strategies in your advocacy plan similar and different from those of your peers? Do you have recommendations for your peers?

Social justice and multicultural counseling goes hand-in-hand. These two components must work together in order to assist the client with their substance abuse or mental health disorder because you cannot have one without the other. As you know living in America is been more of white privilege when it comes to different aspects of life. This includes better healthcare, better ways of living, and better education. It is very important to follow the code ethics and this will allow you to maintain multicultural and social justice when creating a therapeutic relationship with your clients.

Locus control is a great way to measure your ability, your attitude and where you stand about your individual life. This attitude test allow you focus on certain areas of your life and influence you to complete your goals. Also the Lucas control test allows individuals to focus on key components and how to deal with overwhelming situations and how to overcome problems that may occur during when handling important problems.

As an addiction counselor it is a must that I understand how to work with multicultural individuals. This includes individuals who are Muslim, Catholics, and Christians. As a healthcare provider it is very important for me to understand certain religious practices. For instants, Muslims fast for Ramadan and Catholics attend morning services for Passover. These are little factors a counselor should know about the clients they are serving. America has placed Muslims in a stereotype stigma that they label as Terrorist. This stigma carries heave weight for Muslim individuals who are birth in other countries and now living here. With the lack of understanding and white politics have created individuals who are Muslim dissent as enemy number one. This is due to individuals who are committed I’m thinkable crimes against innocent people. This led to Muslims being called terrorist even the ones who live here in America who never committed a crime. When providing counseling service to multicultural population it is very important for the counselor to know about the community he or she is serving.

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