Descri be the treat ments she receiv ed whil e  i n the hospital i n your own words.

Direct i ons: Write out the  meaning  f or each combining  form, prefix, and suffix. Then  locate a  new term  f rom the chapter that uses the word part. Combining Forms  Meaning  Chapter Term  Meaning

1.  alveol/o

2.  bronch/o

3.  bronchi/o

4.  bronchiol /o

5.  coni /o

6.  chol ecyst/o

7.  chol edoch/o

8.  col /o

9.  col on/o

10.  divert i cul/o


Word Parts Assi gnment (Part 2): Direct i ons: Bel ow are ter ms built f rom  word parts. Analyze each ter m by  li sti ng and defini ng  the word  parts used to buil d  it . Medi cal Ter m  Word Part/Meani ngs

1.  Bronchoscope

2.  Atelectasis

3.  Pneumoconiosis

4.  Pyothorax

5. Endotracheal

6.  Appendicitis

7.  Cholelithiasis

8.  Cholangiogram

9.  Cholecystectomy

10.  Choledocholithotripsy


1.  ABGs

2.  ARF

3.  AP view

4.  ARD

5.  ARDS

6.  N & V

7.  & P

8.  PUD

9.  TPN

10.  UGI


Case Study Assignment (Part 4) Direct i ons: Bel ow i s a case study presentati on of  a patient w i th a condi t ion covered  i n Chapter 10. Read  the case study, and answer the questions bel ow. Some  questions wi ll  ask for  i nf or mat ion not incl uded  wi thi n thi s chapter. Use your textbook, a  medical di ct ionary, or any other ref erence  mater ial you choose to  answer these questi ons.   Be sure to ci te any outside sources, incl uding the  textbook,  i n APA  for mat. An 88-year-ol d  femal e was seen i n the physi cian’s office compl aini ng of SOB, dizziness, orthopnea,  el e v ated temperature, and a product i v e cough. Lung auscul tation  re veal ed ral es ov er the R bronchus.  CXR rev eal ed  flui d  i n the RUL. The pat ient was sent  to  the hospi tal w i th an admitt i ng diagnosi s of  pneumoni a. Vital signs upon admi ssi on were:  temperat ure 102°F, pul se 100 and rapi d,  respi rat i ons 24  and l abored, bl ood pressure 180/110. She was treated wi th IV ant i bi ot ics and IPPB. She responded well  to treat ment and was rel eased home to her  famil y w i th  oral ant ibi otics on the thi rd day. Cri t i cal Thi nking Questi ons Answer the questi ons below regarding thi s case study. Do not just copy words out of  the case study;  transl ate all medical ter ms. To answer some of  these questi ons, you may need  to  look up  inf or mati on  f rom another chapter of thi s textbook.

1.    What i s thi s pati ent’s admitt i ng diagnos i s? Look thi s condi t i on up i n a reference source,  and  i ncl ude a short descri ption of i t .

2.    Li st and def ine each of  the pat i ent’s presenting symptoms  i n your own words.

3.    Defi ne auscul tat i on and CXR. Descri be what each rev eal ed i n your own words.

4.    What does the ter m “ vital si gns” mean? Describe the pati ent’s  vital signs i n your own words.

5.    Descri be the treat ments she receiv ed whil e  i n the hospital i n your own words.

6.    Expl ai n the change  i n her  medi cat i on when she was di scharged home.

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