DEM557DLS2P2019 Park University Unit 3 Disaster Recovery Discussion

1. Unit 3 Discussion- Fink

What were the results of the decisions made at Memorial? How did the decisions affect individuals (healthcare providers, families, etc) and the business (hospital, nursing home)? Discuss your thoughts on the ability of the individuals and businesses to recover from this disaster.

2. Unit 3 Discussion 1 – Wallace

Discuss the process of conducting a business impact analysis. Who conducts and participates in the BIA? What support is required in order to make the process successful? How is the BIA related to a risk assessment?

3. Unit 3 Discussion 2 – Wallace

Compare and contrast the five layers of risk for an organization related to natural disasters and manmade (technological or terrorist) incidents. What elements of the layers would be affected in each type of disaster (natural vs manmade)? In general, what would the HVA look like for each type of disaster?

Text Books:

Title: Five Days at Memorial

Edition: 1st

Author: Sheri Fink

Publisher: Crown Publishers, 2013

ISBN-13: 9780307718969

Title: The Disaster Recovery Handbook

Edition: 2nd

Author: Michael & Wallace & Lawrence Webber

Publisher: AMACOM Publishers, 2011

ISBN: 9780814416136