CIS650 UPENN Adapting To New Culture An Integrative Communication Theory

you should write a short reading response paper (“RRP,” 1½ -2 pages) on an individual article. RRPs should contain (1) a paragraph summarizing (short) the main focus and theses of all the articles and chapter; (2) a paragraph about what the reading adds to your understanding of intercultural communication, relating this other work we have studied and/or your own CIS 650 (Spring 2019) – 8 research interests; (3) a paragraph of comments, insights, and ponderings; and (4) a reference list (even if it just has the article you are writing about). Your comments or questions should demonstrate your understanding of the issues discussed in class. RRPs are also practice for writing in APA style; be sure to review APA style and include citations as required. You do not need an abstract or title page,

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