Ch 9 Engaging in Supportive Confrontation Case Study Questions Assignment

After reading Ch. 9 in Griffith and Goodwin (2013), in no less than three pages, please address the following case questions from “Case: Engaging in Supportive Confrontation” (pp.155-156): “Using the supportive confrontation model, analyze Joe’s situation involving his relationship with Kim and discuss the following:

(1) What are the problems, and who owns them based on the window on behavior?

(2) What research and reflection should Joe do to test his assumptions and perceptions? What are the facts? Does Joe have legitimate reasons to feel as he does? What more should he seek to understand about Kim before attempting to address the situation?

(3) Should Joe seek to change his attitude, change his environment, or confront Kim regarding Kim’s behavior? Defend your choice.”

Your paper should be in APA style, with a Title and References page. At minimum, you should cite the class textbook and at least two other academic sources to support your claims. No Abstract is needed.