Outline Grading Criteria

Format (10 points)

· Alphanumeric sequence

· Proper indentation and alignment

· Logical order of sections

· Brief phrases are used

Introduction Section (15 points)

· Explains reason for topic choice

· Common and Scientific name are included in the proper format

· Area of observation is included

· Photo/video of organism is included

Content Sections (40 points)

· Contains all five subtopics (Description, Life Cycle/Reproduction, Structure/Function, Energy Ecology, Habitat)

· Each subtopic contains two subsections at a minimum

· Factual, detailed, and specific information about each subtopic is present

Conclusion Section (15 points)

· Contains 4-6 main points that sum up the main points from the outline

Reference Citation Section (10 points)

· In-text citations used where necessary in the body of the outline and written correctly

· Five references listed in proper APA reference list format on the reference page

· All internal citation references listed on the reference page, and vice versa

Writing Expectations and Scientific Terminology (10 points)

· Outline accurately applies scientific concepts and uses scientific terminology correctly

· Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are used throughout