Biochem – Human Diseases

  • 1. Please read the provided paper by Pittas, AG et al., 2019.  Pittas, AG 2019 VItamin suppl. and diabetes.pdfPreview the document It is a pretty manageable paper that looks at the possible benefit of vitamin D supplementation on the transition of pre-diabetes to diabetes in a human population. Please answer the following questions. (0.5 points each)
  •  a. From figure 3, which patient subgroups showed the strongest indication of having a benefit of receiving vitamin supplementation?
  • b. For one of the groups identified in the answer to (b) above, propose a mechanism that would explain why that that subgroup particularly responded to vitamin D supplementation.
  • 2.  Please describe how a polymorphism (i.e. sequence variant) in the gene that encodes for calpain 10 might affect the ability of a patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus to maintain sufficient insulin production to counteract insulin resistance.
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