Bacterial Diseases Case Discussion


If your disease was caused by a bacterium, answer the questions on this page. If not, skip to another page.

Your Name _________________________________ Genus and species of bacterium ____________________________________

Case Study # ____________

  1. Approximately when was the causative agent for this disease first identified? By whom?
  1. Is this bacterium a ______Gram + bacillus ______ Acid-Fast

[check one]

______ Gram + coccus ______ Spirillum

______Gram – bacillus ______ Spirochete

_____ Gram – coccus ______ Vibrio

  1. Does this bacterium have a capsule or slime layer? ______Yes


  1. Does this bacterium form spores? ______Yes


  1. Does this bacterium release an AB Exotoxin or an Endotoxin ______Yes ______ No
  1. In what type of tissue does this bacterium mainly reproduce?
  1. Does this bacterium ______only infect humans

______ infect other animals as well as humans

  1. List the symptoms caused by the bacterium:
  1. What is the transmission route for this disease?
  1. On average, how many people contract this disease ___________ every year in the US

___________ every year worldwide

  1. Is there a region of the world where people have a higher rate of infection?
  1. Are there At-risk factors for contacting this disease (are there certain people or behaviors that have a higher risk)?
  1. Is there a vaccine for this disease?
  1. Once contracted, how is this disease treated? (If antibiotics are used, which ones are most common?)
  1. What is the annual mortality rate for the disease?
  1. Can there be long-term side effects from contracting the disease? If so, what are they?