Are Leadership and Management Different?

4-The functions of management include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Within each of these functions, decisions must be made to optimize the care provided while remaining fiscally responsible.

Leadership is a more challenging role to define. At times, leaders may not have formal authority, but they may have power through their ability to influence others. A leader’s emphasis is on interpersonal relationships; they may be known as mentors, coaches, advocates, or role model. (Lecture 1)

Management and leadership may coexist in one, though they may not at all. Some managers are leaders as well, and some are not. You may think they would go together, but we have all had experience with a manager that is NOT a leader. You know the one. The one who is the boss, and handles business, but not one that inspires, advocates or mentors staff.

One the other side of the coin, you may have had the pleasure of experiencing a manager that is a leader as well, someone who is part of the team and inspires, mentors, and coaches staff. The inspiration and the management. The boss who rally’s the troops and makes you WANT to be there and WANT to work for them. The two overlap in multiple areas.

As a nurse leader, I do believe I can expand my influence to create change by taking advantage of this overlap. I feel that I am inspiring and able to mentor and encourage and advocate for not only my patients, but my coworkers, company, and my profession. I would take advantage of the overlap by using my leadership abilities to continue to mentor, inspire, and encourage others in doing their best and being team players. A huge part of this is leading by example, which I strive for daily.


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5-management and leadership does overlapped to be a good manager you must have good leadership skills, managing is also means to lead making things happen,leader shares what he/she knows with others so that they can follow willingly. good leadership and  managment together can build a successful organization


6-Although often used interchangeably leadership and management are very different. “management and leadership do share many similar duties which consist of working with people and influencing others to achieve goals. Management skills are used to plan, build, and direct organizational systems to accomplish missions and goals, while leadership skills are used to focus on a potential change by establishing direction, aligning people, and motivating and inspiring.”(Algahtani, 2014). As a nurse leader you can expand your influence to create change and accomplish goals by overlapping your leadership and management skills. By using your leadership skills you can motivate other nurses to go above & beyond when caring for patients and encourage them to come up with solutions to our everyday problems. Leadership skills will also help you when developing your nurses to become future leaders or to meet their personal goals, doing so will in turn provide them with a sense of fulfillment. By using your management skills you can also ensure that your nurses have the adequate staffing and supplies needed to get perform their duties. A managers main function is “to provide services to the community in an efficient and sustainable manner”(Algahtani, 2014).

Algahtani, D. A. (2014). Are Leadership and Management Different? A Review. Journal of Management Policies and Practices,2(3). doi:10.15640/jmpp.v2n3a4

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