Answer To Essay-200 Words Minimum (OH2)

You have to write an answer based on this writing, a minimum of 200 words. You need to add references and quotes, do not use the same references that appear in the writing.

Health care beliefs of the German and French-Canadian heritage and the influence in the delivery of evidence-based health care.

The health care sector is an inclusive sector that is comprehensive and broad. It has a very long relationship with other sectors and aspects of life, such as culture and beliefs. The people’s culture has an immense influence on the health care services provision. In that view, the delivery of evidence-based health care in one culture might be very different in another culture. However, the international health care bodies are working round the clock to ensure that the health care services are received amicably and professionally across all cultures and heritages. The heritages of both the German and French Canadian have different beliefs that profoundly impact the delivery of evidence-based health care.

In the German heritage, the people who are mandated to administer health care services and treatments are women. Although the males (fathers) might provide financial support for the children’s health care, women have the mandate to ensure that children receive all essential health care services such as vitamins, immunizations as well as constant health checkups. Traditionally, German women would practice traditional medicine that included providing health care guidance to the sick as well as laying hands for the sick to heal. This experience and knowledge were passed from mothers to daughters, and the process continued. Natural traditional medicines were made from roots, herbs, peppermint, soups as well as spirits of ammonia. As modernization came in, the Germans started embracing modern medication, whereby they purchase over-the-counter medicine in the pharmacy. The traditional health care services provision hardly promoted the delivery of evidence-based health care since health care providers hardly relied on evidence to offer health care. Instead, they relied on assumptions that were very risky to the patients.

The French-Canadian heritage had a unique aspect since it promoted the provision of modern health care services. It is healthy, according to the French-Canadian means having attained a balance in life (Assari, Khoshpouri & Chalian, 2019). This means that all one’s states, which include the physical, spiritual, and social, are working effectively and relating accordingly. For one to attain a healthy life, one is executed to eat a balanced diet, sleep adequately, exercise, belief in the Supernatural Spiritual Being, have home health care remedies as well as consult with health care providers. The French-Canadian Heritage has a positive influence on the provision of evidence-based health care since it promotes consultation of the health care providers who are in access to modern technology that can help in the delivery of evidence-based care.

2.   Similarities in the health care beliefs and practices of the German and French-Canadian heritage with the health care beliefs of your heritage.

There are some similarities in the health care beliefs and practices of the German and French-Canadian heritage and my health care beliefs heritage. These all heritages believe that everyone has the responsibility of taking care and promoting his/ her health (Shaw, 2017). In that view, it is highly discouraged to undertake some harmful activities such as drug abuse since that can ruin one’s health. Besides, all of the heritages have a common notion that there are people in the community who are well-versed in the delivery of health care services such as herbalists and doctors, and it is recommendable for everyone to seek health care services from these specialists.

3.  If you must change your health care beliefs for any of one study this week, which one will you choose, and why?

I prefer the German health care beliefs, which promote and support natural medicine over modern medications, which includes over the counter drugs as well as the prescribed drugs. The Germans practiced herbal medicine that was made from herbs, roots as well as peppermint (Brousseau, Cara & Blais, 2019). In addition to that, the German heritage has excellent support for the people taking care of their health.  One is expected to take care of his/her health by eating healthy food, exercising, having enough sleep, and avoiding harmful activities such as drug abuse. I am of great support for the German beliefs of health care services since they are instrumental in addressing the modern lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Most of the most dangerous diseases nowadays are lifestyle diseases which are caused by poor lifestyle. However, if the German health care notion would be employed in the modern world, lifestyle diseases would be addressed adequately. The other reason I would prefer the German health care beliefs is that its health care is affordable and readily available. Getting the herbs and roots to make traditional medicine is straightforward, and at times, it is free, unlike purchasing over the counter medicines.