5. evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement

Social Justice Project, Part 3: Advocacy Plan/Presentation (20 percent of final grade)

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Assignment Information

You have made it to the final part of the social justice project. In this part of the project, you will present a plan to politically advocate on behalf of the population plagued with the health care problem you identified in part 1 of this project. You will be taking this opportunity to propose the evidence-based solutions that you identified in part two of the project.

Of the many possible ways to advocate, you will choose those strategies that you feel are most appropriate and that will be most effective. This is the most exciting part—very similar to developing a plan of care once you have assessed your patient and decided on which evidence-based interventions to deliver!

Completion of this assignment will demonstrate your achievement of the following course outcomes:

  • 5. evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement
  • 6. delineate strategies that nurses can use to engage in advocacy for health care policy to support equity, access, affordability, and social justice for consumers and in support of the nursing profession

Assignment Guidelines

Develop a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that includes the following:

  1. summary of the problem
    1. identification of the consumer challenge and its relationship to equity, access, affordability,and/or social justice in health care
    2. identification of the population most affected by this problem, and whether it is a vulnerable population
    3. identification of any healthcare or health disparities related to the problem or population
    4. summary of legislation and/or political activities that relate to the identified problem
    5. analysis of impact of legislation
  2. summary of the evidence-based recommendations
    1. list of evidence-based solutions with in-text citations of supporting sources
    2. summary of political advocacy strategies that could be used to advocate for the implementation of the evidence-based solutions
  3. plan for political advocacy
    1. identification of the audience you plan to address regarding this challenge. Will you speak out to the workplace or workforce, legislative representatives, professional organizations, the community, or a combination of these entities? Give your rationale for choosing this audience.
    2. identification and description of the strategies you will use to communicate your recommendations. Examples include writing letters, using the media, and building coalitions. This is where you get to be creative!
    3. description of what you learned on this project and how you can apply the lessons in your work
    4. reference list in APA formatting
    5. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to the specified discussion forum.
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