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Students will analyze the Saint Leo University core value of personal development in American law enforcement by emphasizing and justifying the need for personal development in character, skills, and knowledge as it relates to police corruption, accountability and internal and external corruption control strategies.


Part 2 will post and will be required to respond to two discussion post will submit in the morning

I will extend the time for part 2 once part 1 is submitted

International Regulation for the Enterprise

Individual nations may have both written and unwritten policies regarding the regulation of investment in the country by foreign businesses. A foreign investor, first of all, must show that its proposed investment meets the criteria of the host state’s foreign investment law. That does not, however, end the process of qualifying to make a foreign investment in some countries. Some countries also require that the foreign investor comply with the unstated rules, typically referred to as the operational investment code of the government authority that regulates investment in that nation.

Akosua and Isabella have developed a strategic business plan for Pharma Heal Corporation to locate production facilities; distribution networks; and delivery assistance for the manufacture, distribution, and delivery of generic HIV treatment drugs in five countries:

  • Mexico
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Albania
  • Zimbabwe

Before moving forward with the play, they have asked you, their expert business consulting team, to advise them on the regulatory climate for foreign investment in each of these countries. Akosua and Isabella intend to use your consulting team’s material at a board of directors’ meeting. They have therefore asked your team to prepare a script that does the following:

  • Describe a foreign investment regulation in each of those countries.
  • Evaluate whether each country’s regulatory approach poses any particular challenges for Pharma Heal Corporation’s business plan in that country.
  • Propose a specific action plan for addressing each challenge so that Pharma Heal Corporation’s investment can go forward in an environment where the risks posed by the particular challenges have been minimized.

Choose five from the following list of topics to address in your discussion of each country’s regulation of foreign investment and the effect on Pharma Heal Corporation’s business plan. Your team may elect to choose different combinations of five topics among the five countries your team is evaluating. The same five topics need not be evaluated for each country:

  • Openness to foreign investment
  • Conversion and transfer policies
  • Expropriation and compensation
  • Dispute settlement
  • Performance requirements and incentives
  • Right to private ownership and establishment
  • Protection of property rights
  • Transparency of regulatory system
  • Foreign trade zones/free ports

Akosua and Isabella have requested that you support the script with at least 10 PowerPoint slides (2 per host nation).

Your team will be graded on the quality of your script notes and PowerPoint presentation.

For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab.

Please add your file.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Grading Criteria

Final Content Development
Demonstrates use of appropriate, relevant, and innovative content.

All requirements of the assignment are met.


Individual Contribution to Project

Demonstrates exchange of information with team by asking critical questions and giving answers to other students in discussions.

Provides a substantial contribution to the group project.


Research and Information Literacy

Demonstrates selection and use of high quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment.

Sources are consistently cited according to required documentation.


Grammar, punctuation, spelling and other mechanics of the English language
Demonstrates correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of the English language.

S Corporation Taxation, IRC assignment help

  • Per the text and IRC, losses and deductions of an S corporation pass through to the shareholders of the corporation and are limited to the shareholders’ basis in the S corporation. Suggest a plan for a client to increase the deductible pass through loss and deductions over the initial investment from a new wholly owned S corporation.

  • From the e-Activity, differentiate between the treatment of S corporation distributions from corporations having no earnings and profits, and corporations having accumulated earnings and profits. Suggest the most significant reason for the difference in the treatment of distributions. Justify your response.

    e-Activity: Go to the Tax Almanac Website, located at http://www.taxalmanac.org/index.php/Tax_Research_Resources, or use the Internet and Strayer databases to research S corporation distributions and taxation. Be prepared to discuss.

5. The table below gives recommended weight ranges

5. The table below gives recommended weight ranges for the balls from five different sports. (Hint: Find the average of each weight.)


Weight range of ball used


260-280 grams


600-650 grams

Water Polo

400-450 grams


142-149 grams


14-15 ounces

a. Write an absolute value inequality for the weight range of each ball.
b. For each ball, write an absolute value inequality describing the weights of balls that are outside the recommended range.

Importance of Signing In with Microsoft Or Local Account

Review the threaded discussion question posted by the course faculty. Your responses should be substantive, and reflect analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as, a thorough understanding of your reading assignment. A typical response should consist of 100-150 words in a single-spaced format. Refer to the TDQ Rubric below for more guidance on how to respond.

Microsoft Windows 10

Discuss the importance of signing in with a Microsoft Account or Local Account in Windows 10.

Research Methodology Data Sampling And Collecting

Specific methods of data collection (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations) produce specific types of data that will answer particular research questions, but not others; so here too, as covered in previous weeks, the research questions inform how the data will be obtained. Furthermore, the method used to collect the data may impact the reliability and the validity of that data.

For this Discussion, you will first consider sampling strategies. Then, you will turn your attention to data collection methods, including their strengths, limitations, and ethical implications. Last, you will consider measurement reliability and validity in the context of your discipline.

this is the question you will answer

Post a restatement of your assigned position on sampling strategies.? Defend your position with examples and support from the scholarly literature. ?Next, select a data collection method and briefly explain its strengths and limitations? Then, identify a potential ethical issue with this method and describe a strategy to address it. Last, explain the relationship between measurement reliability and measurement validity using an example from your discipline.

Be sure to support your Main Issue Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.

Position A: Probability sampling represents the best strategy for selecting research participants.

please read this instructions very well and read the material I attached to support the question.

the question starts POST

Three Levels of Management

There are three levels of management hierarchy: strategic, managerial and operational.

Part 1: Review at least 4 academically reviewed articles on each management hierarchy. Summary the articles in your own words.

Part 2: Discuss how the three levels of management hierarchy: strategic, management, and operational relates to the mission of a business.

Part 3: As an IT professional, how would you use information technology to improve the efficiency the three levels of management hierarchy?

MOD 1-Case-Cultural Intelligence

Complete question in the attached document:

Complete the Module 1 SLP before you start the Case Assignment.

The Case in this course is an experiential Case that is integrated through the entire course. You will be engaging in a cultural activity with a new cultural group and in so doing, will be integrating the self-awareness you gain from the SLP assessments, the general cultural knowledge from the background materials, and the specific cultural knowledge from the experiential exercise. The result is a new set of skills and development of CQ through cognitive, behavioral, and motivational patterns. Click the link to see the Experiential Case Requirements. It is important to look over the requirements now because in Module 2 you need to identify a specific intercultural activity in which you will engage for Module 3.

Native American Culture – Sherman Alexie and Vine Deloria Research Paper

The Authors I need information on are: Please include all information listed below:

Sherman Alexis and Vine Deloria

Exploring Native American Culture assignments are opportunities provided in each unit to research and gain insight into Native American culture through individuals non-literary cultural artifacts. For Unit 1, complete the following assignment:

  1. Choose a Native American author from Units 1 and 2 of this course.
  2. Research the author’s life and literary works (minimum two sources).
  3. Using one of the texts (poems, fiction, or non-fiction) we’ve read in class, and/or works by the same author not included in the course, compose a 2-3 paragraph essay that addresses the following:
  • Summarize and explain the author’s personal experiences and how they connect with their literary works.
  • Connect and analyze Native American themes as they relate to the author’s work(s).
  • Include evidence in the form of quotes or paraphrased ideas from at least two supporting sources, complete with MLA citation. These sources DO NOT include texts written by the author!

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